LOMO Foton-A 37-140mm T/4.4 2X Anamorphic Zoom EF Mount

The Foton-A anamorphic zoom is a an all around lens that can easily cover all the needs for a project. It's a large and heavy lens, not as fast as modern zooms but with an organic look that couldn't be achieved in any other way.

Designed for S35 sensors, this lens won't cover full frame. Perfect for shooting in a 4:3 aspect ratio or RED's anamorphic mode.

Great flares, oval bokeh, anamorphic breathing, this beast has it all to render your footage unique and make it stand out from the rest.

Shot with the Canon 50D and LOMO Foton-A 37-140mm

PL mount available upon request.
  • Model: FOTONA
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