Century Optics WS-13 1.33x Anamorphic

The Century Optics WS-13 is something like the small Century Optics anamorphic on steroids. It has much better image quality and it's easier to work with when compared to the Panasonic LA7200.

Can go as wide as 30mm on a full frame sensor, and due to its 1.33x stretch factor, footage desqueezes to 2.35:1 cinemascope aspect ratio with no need for crops and reframing.

It has a massive front element and a focus ring, which kills the need for diopters, since you can tweak and fine tune your focus using both the Century's ring and the taking lens' focus.

Has a more modern and sci-fi look, also with strong blue flares from direct light sources. Edge sharpness is compromised, but it's usually something that blends the resulting footage together for a project.

The Century Optics WS-13 is an anamorphic adapter and requires a regular, spherical taking lens to work properly.
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