Iscorama 36 Van Diemen 1.5x Anamorphic

This Iscorama pre-36 has been through a full rehousing, reducing its minimum focus down to 1.2m, adding standard .8 pitch gear for follow focus, smooth focusing mechanism and simplified alignment by loosening and tightening screw.

It has very low contrast and incredible flares, taking footage to a whole different level and look. Just screw it in front of your taking lens and focus on the Iscorama.

Front filter thread is 72mm, perfect for diopters that will improve its minimum focus.

Covers full frame sensor with taking lens from 58mm and up. Sharp even when the taking lens is wide open, great match for either an all-russian set or Contax/Zeiss primes.

Shot with the Canon 5D3 running ML raw, russian primes as taking lenses and this Iscorama.

The Iscorama 36 VD is an anamorphic adapter and requires a regular, spherical taking lens to work properly.

  • Model: ISCOVD
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