Zenit Jupiter 9 85mm f/2 M42

The Jupiter 9 is a key lens in an all-russian set. It has lots of character, doesn't flare as much as the Helios 44, but they match very well. It's also a perfect taking lens for any anamorphic adapter (specially 1.5x and 2x).

It creates very organic footage, as opposed to the clean and sterile look of modern glass.

It features a preset aperture, meaning the iris doesn't click and making it perfect for video use. Its 15 aperture blades ensure a round and beautiful bokeh even when stopped down.

M42 Mount – The M42 screw mount makes this lens compatible with almost any other mount around. EF adapter provided if necessary.
  • Model: JUPITER9
  • 1 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Zenit
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