Kowa Bell and Howell 2X Anamorphic

The Kowa B&H is the top of the class among the Kowa projection lenses. With a 2x stretch, it's perfect for achieving that cinematic bokeh and framing. Its flares are strong and warm and image quality matches the Iscorama, for a fraction of the cost.

It's a double focus set-up, meaning you have to focus both the taking lens and the Kowa at the same distance. That can be a pain, and easily solved with the Rectilux 3FF-W

Shot with a Canon 5D3 running ML raw, Contax/Zeiss taking lenses and the Kowa fitted inside the Rectilux 3FF-W.

The Kowa B&H is an anamorphic adapter and requires a regular, spherical taking lens to work properly.
  • Model: KOWABH
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