Rectilux 3FF

The Rectilux is a single focus attachment allowing you to rack focus with dual focus anamorphic lenses like the Kowa BH/16H/8Z, Moller 32, Sankor 16C, Kowa 16S, SK ES CINELUX, Hypergonar 16 etc

-Enables single focus operation of anamorphic projection lenses
-Support for 40mm to 300mm taking lenses, zoom or prime based (based on APS-C sensor DSLRs)
-Support for 4K resolution
-Single coated multi-element focusing optics (uncoated option)
-Super smooth ten start focusing helicoid with 170 degree throw for slick & fast focusing

Rectilux single focus anamorphic adapters have neutral optical transfer function, multi-element focusing optics to preserve the character of the base anamorphic engine and of the spherical taking lens.


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