Iscorama 1.5X Anamorphic

Available as Nikon F, Canon EF, Pentax M42 and PL

The EF mount is buy the Novoflex F-EF adapter which is +$15/Day.

This is the early (and more desirable) non-coated Pre-36 version of this panovision style lens. Desired for it’s vintage cinema wide screen ratio as well as it’s superb and unique flaring. This is one complete lens with it’s original (Isco) Nikon f2.8 lens mount and an M42 mount. Both are adapted to Canon EF and can also be PL mounted.

The Iscorama can be paired with the original taking lenses or mounted on other lenses such as the DSO Trump and Flare Factory lenses, Zeiss etc

This version has a fitted Follow focus gear and has been modified to make the close focus 3.5ft

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