DSO Trump 88mm Attachment

TRUMP88 Optical Attachment fits to the TRUMP58 lens to provide a 88mm effective focal length without degrading optical performance or character of the TRUMP58.

The uncompromising selection of some of the most exotic glass types, APO correction and historic anti reflective coatings provides a matched optical signature throughout the three focal lengths- dictated by the configuration of the 58mm main body.

An artistic approach has been instrumental in the development of the TRUMP88 and TRUMP38 and desirable qualities such as lower contrast and moderate barrel distortion has been left intact rather than over corrected. These traditional qualities in combination with superb resolution and light transmission capabilities result in a natural historic aesthetic, with the resolving power to fulfil high megapixel counts at fast apertures.

External dimensions match the 58mm and 88mm portions with 86mmx0.75 filter thread and a 95mm external diameter. Hard Anodised.

  • Model: DSOTRUMP88
  • 1 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Richard Gale Optics
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