DSO FF 58mm Amber in PL Mount

58mm focal length
f2 or QF1.5
55mm filter thread

The Flare Factory 58 is made using salvaged optical components from the former USSR. Each lens is meticulously dissembled, cleaned and reassembled using uprated mechanical parts and modern lubricants.


Oval apertures - producing oval defocus distortion
Removal of optical coatings - affecting contrast
Careful degradation of optical surfaces - promoting off axis flaring / rainbow fans
Application of light sensitive coloured pigments - these react to light levels in a scene and create dynamic shifts in the colour rendering of the image. Since the effects are more prominent in the shadows and midtones the effect is different to that of a front mounted gel filter. The result is very similar to the affects of using expired film stock where colour shift is often unpredictable and dependent on the extent of expiration and how the stock is exposed.

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  • Manufactured by: Richard Gale Optics
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